Precious Pi Taking Gospel Music To New Levels…


She is a combination of brains, beauty and vocal prowess that is deficient in the local gospel industry. Precious Pi Kenya is a breath of fresh air in an industry that is dominated by old faces. Here is what she has to say about her music..

Who is Precious Pi Kenya

Precious P.i kenya is a born again Christian, Jesus freak, a gospel artist, a lover of music and song writer. I believe in serving God and using my music passion to spread God’s word and deeds to the whole world. I am an accountant by profession, done CPA to the final level and waiting to graduate this year with a bachelor of commerce degree in Finance. My official name is Precious Irine. To my fans am popularly known as Precious P.i.

What inspires your music

The passion to spread the gospel of Christ to the hopeless is my greatest inspiration. The passion to become a Christian legend gives me sleepless nights to create good music that will attract people. Am greatly inspired by the late Whitney Houston, Cece Winans, the late Angela Chibalonza, Deitrick Haddon, Sinach. There is a vacuum in the kenyan gospel music, this explains why so many people love the foreign music than their own music. Western musicians like Detrick always sing with seriousness and with so much zeal, they mean business, I want to reach there too.

How long have you been in the industry

aaah…musically I have been singing seen I was 12 years, the ministry has taught me a lot and so many people have been preparing me in so many ways. I have been watching the music industry for so long waiting for God’s time. My first song #hakuna kama wewe is barely 2 months old, so am barely 2 months old in the public music industry.

What are the challenges you face as a gospel artist

The sex factor is really quite challenging especially not being married. I face a lot of challenges so I have to keep my faith and at the same time keep friends, know how to deal with certain situations without hurting anyone’s feelings, loosing focus or creating hatred. Lack of sufficient finances to facilitate my project, too much expectations from the public in terms of righteousness as people tend to forget nobody is perfect, we all prone to mistakes, criticisms from all over

Kenyans artists complain of lack of airplay in the local stations. Do you face the same problem

Yeah, because am still new in the industry and for your song to be played, the media guys have to listen to your song before just releasing it into the air coz they are also responsible for everything they play.

What’s the reception of your new song

The feedback is incredible. Hakuna Kama Wewe has exceeded my expectations and I thank God for that. I have also received criticism which I take in my stride.

What are your future plans

We plan to release so many songs. The team I work with is very supportive. I have been signed by Mainswitch productions who also work hand in hand with Nairobi records so expect great music from both studios, collabos are coming.

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