Raila Is Satan. Devil. Lucifer, Ciku Muiriru Blasts Cord Leader


Fast fading radio presenter Ciku Muiriru has labeled Cord leader Raila Odinga a devil, satan and Lucifer.

This is after the Raila issued a statement saying that the detained MPs allied to Cord are political prisoners. Ciku went on to state that Raila head should be examined for propagating such claims.

Ciku, who made headlines for having a fling with the Artur brothers, said that his followers will end up in refugee camps if Raila is not stopped.

Ciku’s brother, Tony Gachuka, served as Raila’s advisor before the two fell out.

Here is what Ciku shared on social media:

Yes, satan. I said it. Devil. Lucifer. And some of his minions are here advocating for his madness. I don’t agree with hate speech. I’m at the FOREFRONT to condemn the likes of Moses Kuria when he engages in it, read my timeline. Anyone who does not CONDEMN this madness needs to have his head examined. Follow that devil Raila to the refugee camps where we all end up and lo and behold, he will NOT be there but in a palace somewhere

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