Sabotage Raila From Within And You Will Be My Deputy President In 2022, Ruto Signs Pact With Ababu


The political tension in ODM is being precipitated by Deputy President William Ruto to sabotage chances of Raila Odinga ascending to power.
According to the political pundits, Ababu Namwamba is working to rock the ODM boat from within in the hopes that he will be Ruto’s running mate come 2022.
Central Kenya legislators have shaken Ruto to sobriety after stating that he should not expect to be the automatic flagbearer in 2022.
Kiambu Governor William Kabogo said that Ruto should not expect Central Kenya to be solidly support him merely because of being Uhuru Kenyatta deputy. The sentiments were echoed by nominated senator Paul Njoroge who said that the Kikuyu community will not be arm twisted into supporting the DP.

This has forced the DP to look for a plan B in his quest to clinch the presidency in 2022. Political analysts are of the opinion that Central Kenya leaders are blackmailing Ruto to install one member of the community as his running mate in 2022.
Raila influence will be greatly affected incase Ababu is made Ruto’s running mate. The Budalangi MP has criticized Cord’s demonstrations that were aimed at removing IEBC commissioners from office.
He went on to blast Raila for running an outfit that does not believe in the ideals of democracy. The ODM secretary general said that he was ready to relinquish the position if it would make certain individuals in the party happy.

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