Survival Tips For Sponsers In What Is Becoming A Dangerous Field


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By Agnes Sikuku
Sponsers have been in the limelight of late-For all the wrong reasons. One was the last seen with a man who was murdered and another one is at the centre of a crime passion. They have let others down and it’s imperative that they change tact. I held a closed door meeting with a couple of sponsers and it helped me formulate survival tips for the innocent souls whose lives depend on old loaded geezers.

Disclaimer, I was a guest and only took notes during their meetings and sometimes I hold briefs for them.

Which one is more tragic between a young lady wasting her best years with a married man or being stupid?

A sponser can’t afford to be stupid. It’s for this reason that your house shouldn’t be like our boarders that allow illegal refugees. Its okay for your boyfriend to know every nook and cranny of your house but your sponsor should not know where you live. Your house should be out of bounds. Give a million excuses of why he isn’t welcome. Say you live with your sister and sick aunt. It goes without saying that you should play miss independent with your rent so that your sponsor doesn’t control you.
By ensuring that two men are not welcome at your house, you will save the country the aah! and hoo! Moments of waking up to the realization that one man has murdered another one at your house.

Avoid getting emotionally attached to your sponser.

He is just a sponsor and nothing more. You can’t tell us that you love that pot bellied, white haired man with a wrinkled face that bespeaks of his old age. You have nothing to offer him in his old age. He has bedded many women than your age. Even if he is widowed, no one will comprehend how his sons (Your age mates) will seduce you if you marry. But forget it, such things rarely happen. Get over it and get a boyfriend.

His wife is not your equal.
You have no right to be jealous of her. If numbers are anything to go with, you are numberless. As you indulge with her husband, let the innocent woman take care of their children. No stupid confrontational calls with her. Even if she calls you, have the decency to ignore her or deny your affair.

Drama queens be warned
There’s no room for drama. If you want drama, date men your age who can be in the same emotional state as you and engage in all the games you want. Be wary of your sponsor’s wife. No one knows the hour or time that she will track you down and make you responsible for all your foolishness.

Playing wife to a sponsor is a NO

He has a wife to wash his clothes, brush his shoes and tell him where his socks are. His clothes should not be found in your house. BAE won’t be amused to find another man’s clothes in your house.

This relationship with the sponsor should have a time frame. Dating a married man for a decade is pure exaggeration. It’s also taking him more seriously than you should and time wasting. Unless you broke up and reconciled the other day, no married man is worth that attention. It can’t be guest appearances once a week like cord’s IEBC demonstrations then you stay for ten years. If he likes it, he should put a ring on it by taking you as wife number two.

A sponsor wastes your time to get married

At 35 and late thirties, a woman should be long settled. This is not time to be fascinated by the attention and empty promises from a married man. Wise sponsers take this opportunity to gold dig as they wait for the right man.
Make a ka-budget of what you want from the sponsers. Like that piece of land that will take you ages to buy, building that plot, setting up that high capital business you have not been able to start. After you get all you want, disappear into thin air. And please sponsers, stop asking for cheap and affordable things from sponsors. It’s very naive.

Those are the notes I managed to make from the closed door meeting with those bad women-As wives and people with a conscious as white as snow would call them.

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