Thursday, June 9, 2016

These Are The Jubilee Leaders Who Have Silently Labeled Uhuru A Coward And Traitor For Agreeing To Raila’s IEBC Demands

President Uhuru Kenyatta made it clear that demands by Cord push for the disbandment of the IEBC were unconstitutional. 

The Head of State maintained that no dialogue would be held with the opposition-sentiments echoed by the Deputy President and other Jubilee legislator. The hardline stance from both parties was seen as a recipe for disaster. The month long Cord demonstrations to have IEBC commissioners ejected from office has so far led to five deaths.

This must have informed the President decision to swallow his pride and engage the opposition on the best way to disband the IEBC. Here are some of the legislators from the ruling Jubilee coalition who think the move by the President reeks of cowardice.

Deputy President William Ruto

The DP made it clear that Jubilee would not hold dialogue with the CORD coalition. He maintained that only structured dialogue would be held and nothing more. Ruto insisted Raila was trying to maneuver his way to State House using the back door. Word is that Ruto was the barrier to a dialogue with the opposition to end the IEBC standoff. His facial expression when Uhuru was making the announcement that he will engage the opposition betrayed his feelings.

Aden Duale-Leader of Majority In Parliament

It is clear that Aden Duale was not for the dialogue idea. The Leader of Majority said that he will go against the grain of his party position if Uhuru agrees dialogue with the opposition. He said that any dialogue outside parliament was a definite no-no.

Senator Kipchumba Murkomen- Elgeyo Markwet

He loathes the former Prime Minister and he is does not make any slight effort to conceal the fact. Murkomen has stated in many platforms-including on national TV-that Raila is out there to destabilize the country with the aim of forming a nusu mkate government. He was among the top cynic of a dialogue to end the impasse and his sentiment haven’t changed.

Moses Kuria-Gatundu South MP

Moses Kuria is no stranger to controversy. He is a firm believer in using force when dealing with the likes of Cord leader Raila Odinga who he refers to as ‘Kihii’. The Gatundu South MP wanted to form a vigilante group to counter Cord protestors who he said were looting from innocent business people and mugging Kenyans minding their business. He is greatly disappointed by Uhuru’s call for dialogue.

Maina Kamanda-Statere MP

Like Moses Kuria, the Starehe MP believes the best way to tackle Cord is by using confrontational tactics. Yesterday, Maina Kamanda mobilized Mathare youths and matatu owners to counter Raila led demonstration. The message was clear: we can also mobilize our supporters to cause mayhem. Maina is among legislators who feel let down by the President.

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