Monday, June 13, 2016

Top Ten Worst Dressed Leaders And Celebrities In Kenya

Being a celebrity-or a leader-means that you have to dress the part since you are a public ‘commodity’. Some of these celebrated individuals sense of fashion is completely missing. We take a look at the top ten worst dressed leaders and celebrities in Kenya.

Nyota Ndogo-Musician

Her vocal prowess is undeniable. Her dressing and make up is, however, pathetic. Nyota Ndogo hit the headlines when her wedding photos surfaced on the social media. With her aging ancestor, Nyota typified the village girl trying make-up for the first time. Although Nyota blamed her stylist, she has never had fashion taste.

Martha Karua-Narc Kenya Chair

She appeared on NTV to discuss the thorny issue that is the IEBC but Kenyans attention was drawn to her dressing. The interview with Larry Madowo turned into a comedy of sorts after Kenyans on twitter lambasted her choice of shoes and stockings.

Cyprian Awiti-Homabay Governor

The main man in Homabay county has a lot of things to work on. First, he must shed a few kilos and, secondly, change his tailor ASAP. The Governor has appeared on several rallies looking like a sack of potatoes.

Ian Mbugua-Fashion Watch

How Ian Mbugua was selected to be part of Fashion Watch aired on Citizen TV will remain a mystery for a very long time. The Fashion Watch panelists have indeed been an insult to Kenyans who appreciate fashion. Ian should concentrate his energies on music and acting.

Annabel Anyango-Fashio Watch

She is another clown who gives fashion advice on Citizen TV fashion watch. Annabel Anyango, like the other panelist, has come under fire for her dressing.

Chimano-Sauti Sol Member

He is known for his rather bizarre dressing and rumors of being gay. The talented Chimano makes the list of Kenya worst dressed celebrity.

Kimani Wamatangi- Kiambu Senator
His tight trousers have come under scrutiny especially after his fundamentals were badly exposed. The Kiambu Senator is known for his love for tight trousers oblivious of the inherent health hazards to his balls.

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