Friday, July 22, 2016

Is This The End Of Raila Odinga Political Magic Touch?

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The political might of former Prime Minister Raila Odinga has been watered down by recent mass defection especially in his erstwhile perceived strongholds.

ODM, to the casual observer, is quickly turning out to be a ‘Luo’ party. The recent defection of ODM Secretary General Ababu Namwamba was deemed inconsequential.

Raila did not take this lightly as he went on a charm offensive in Western Kenya to curtail any rebellion from his supporters precipitated by the ‘defectors’. In Vihiga, he met a hostile reception who chanted pro-Mudavadi slogans. This incidence, and others, cannot be ignored by the ODM top brass.

It was also worrying that Wetang’ula and Khalwale were absent. Instead Raila opted for Coast legislators. Then the bombshell was dropped by none other than his co-principal in Cord Moses Wetang’ula who felt that his Western tour meant nothing in terms of votes.

The Bungoma Senator, during an interview aired on KTN, said that Raila political fortunes have dwindled and he should not run for the presidency in the forthcoming elections.

He went to say that Raila should not confuse the large turnout in his Western tour to translate into votes.

Wetang’ula said that Raila should change tact and back a fresh face. The senator felt that people were tired with the old story that his votes will be stolen again.

He said:

"People vote for you unapita unaibiwa, unapita unaibiwa wanaanza kufikiria ya kwamba hata tukipigiwa kura pengine.

Weta also wondered why Raila should insist on running for the top seat yet he will lose instead of backing fresh blood to contest against Uhuru in 2017.

All indications are clear that Raila will not step aside for Wetang’ula or Kalonzo. During his Western tour the Cord leader asked ANC Musalia Mudavadi to join Cord to form a formidable force.

Musalia quickly rebuffed the invite saying that the ODM leader was only keen on enticing the Western voters. It is yet to be seen if Wetang’ula is right.

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