Saturday, July 23, 2016

Mudavadi In Talks With Kalonzo As Raila Is Sidelined

Pressure is mounting on Cord leader Raila Odinga after ANC leader Musalia Mudavadi rubbished his overtures and opted to meet Wiper leader Kalonzo Musyoka instead.

In what is seen as major tectonic political realignment meant to sideline Raila Odinga, the ANC leader is keen on bringing Kalonzo on board and other like minded leaders in a bid to oust the Jubilee coalition come 2017.

Former ODM secretary general Ababu Namwamba instigated the coup that was first dismissed as inconsequential but is threatening the illustrious career of Raila Odinga.

Like a house of cards, CORD is tumbling down as the centre can no longer hold. Already, Wetang’ula in a televised interview aired on KTN poured cold water on Raila’s chances of clinching the presidency.

He said that it is folly for the Cord leader to imagine he will win if he doesn’t endorse him. Of course ODM bloggers descended on him with a lot of venom accusing him of not doing enough to popularize CORD yet he wanted to be endorsed.

Blogger Robert Alai took it a step further and said that the Ford Kenya boss cannot even manage his own house. Wetang’ula hit the headlines when he was assaulted by his wife and went to the police to report earning himself ridicule on social media.

In his Western tour, and although it was an ODM affair, neither Wetang’ula or Kakamega Senator Boni Khalwale accompanied Raila in solidarity. It was a clear sign that cracks had started emerging that Raila’s staunch supporters can only dismiss.

During his charm offensive in Western, Raila asked Musalia to join him to form a formidable force come 2017. He went on to respond that Raila did not have the interest of the locals but wanted to woo them to vote for him.

Matters got worse when Kalonzo, who has remained steadfast, met with Mudavadi to chart their political future devoid of Raila. Like a bad infection, the Kamba community that was solidly behind Kalonzo are threatening to ditch him if he doesn’t go for the top seat.

The groundwork by Raila in most regions is indicative that he is going for nothing less than the presidency. In the past Kalonzo had also asked Raila to front him.

Kisii community, a region the ODM leader enjoyed massive support, is also said to be wavering. The Jubilee government has poured loads of money that the leaders-who have a huge appetite and greed for money-are now leaning towards the government.

Cord is slowly turning out to be isolated and may end up turning into a shell. Will the enigma of Kenya politics wiggle out of this? Only time will tell.

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