Prophet Owuor Cultic Ministry Destroying Marriages


He adorns snow white robes to accentuate his purity. With a receding hairline and dreadlocked beards; prophet Owuor commands a near fanatical following. He has made his many followers believe that he is the last prophet. The chosen one who will lead them to eternal life. His ‘holiness’-yes that is what he is fondly referred to-and his Ministry of Repentance & Holiness has all the hallmarks of a cultic movement.

For starters, his holiness Prophet Owuor has built an aura of mysticism around him. He never attends church services furthering his larger than life presence. Owuor thrives on the mantra that familiarity breeds contempt. But is this man who claims to be the last prophet really genuine or a disillusioned cultic leader

A pastor friend painfully recounted how his marriage went south thanks to the teachings of Owuor. Having studied theology to Masters level, Jacob-not his real name-was uncomfortable with the teachings of Owour’s Church. He was idolized and treated like a demi-god. His conscience could not allow him to be part of that church and he shared the same concerns with his wife.

Jacob had already met with like minded pastors and they were in the process of starting a church. He was excited but his wife was not so pleased and she packed her clothes and left with their three children. Efforts to talk to pastors in that church did not bear any fruits as they told him point blank that they would be no reconciliation if she did not allow her to attend Owour church.

The couple is yet to make amends and Jacob’s worry is how he will be a pastor without his wife on his side. This is one of the many examples exemplified by Owuor’s church that shuns divorce and infidelity.

Those who attend the church are advised to marry within the ministry circles. Jacob, nevertheless, says that he is not afraid that his wife will cheat as the church abhors adultery. He, however, is disturbed by the way his wife worships ‘Owuor’. Drawing parallels with Paul Magu who killed his wife and two children, Jacob is afraid that his wife is trudging the same lane.

Whenever a window of reconciliation opens, Jacob says, the church pastors quickly shut it down. Jacob is at cross roads to either let his wife be with the hope that she will see the light since efforts to talk to her have bore no fruits.

Owuor came under fire when his miracles badly flopped in Nigeria. According to the prophet was welcomed by sick people seeking healing when he touched down at Murtala Mohammed International Airport.

He was viciously attacked on Nigerian sites when his ‘miracles’ did not work.

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