You Can Only Survive Working For Jubilee If You Are Corrupt, Former IG David Kimaiyo Reveals


Former Kenya Airports Authority Chairman has revealed the circumstances that led to his removal from office citing the ugly head bedeviling of corruption bedeviling the Jubilee administration.

Kimaiyo said he had sealed all the corrupt loopholes at KAA and refused to take bribes, a move that angered powerful forces who accelerated his removal from the position.

The staunch Christian and Elder at the AIC made the revelations in a video shared online. He says:

“Mambo ya ufisadi katika serikali hii imeenda mbali sana. Mimi ni mmoja wa wale nilisimama kidete kupinga ufisadi katika kikosi cha polisi. Nilizungumuza hata na maafisa wa traffiki waache kuchukua hongo na wakatii ,”

Loosely translated:

The Government of the day has taken corruption to new heights. I was among the few individuals who blocked all corruption avenues in the police force. I prevailed upon traffic offices to cease taking bribes and they listened.

His efforts to streamline KAA met stiff resistance leading to his untimely removal.
He went on to say that he managed to stop corruption incidences at the airport.

President Uhuru is said to have prevailed upon him to quit quietly which he did. His replacement is Julius Karangi who served as KDF Chief.

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