Saturday, August 6, 2016

Atheist In Kenya Convention Attracts Hundreds Of University Students-Photos

The Atheist In Kenya (AIK) is fast gaining popularity if the number of university students who showed up for their gathering at the Kenya School of Monetary Studies is anything to go by.

The AIK President Harrison Mumia shared on social media the agenda of the meeting that will delve on ‘academic engagement on the subject of religion, philosophy and atheism’.

Harrison has come under sharp criticism from church and Muslim leaders who perceive and equate atheism to Satanism.
AIK was deregistered following an outcry from religious leaders. The AIK President has been categorical that only atheists will be allowed in the venue.

Here is what Harrison Shared on social media and the response:
Harrison: We have over 100 students from a Kenyan University who will be engaging with atheists in Kenya tomorrow. This is an academic engagement on the subject of religion, philosophy and atheism. If interested, please inbox. ‪#‎atheism‬

ProfTonny Aluda Lugalia If you will discuss religion would you mind invitiya religion guru????
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James Mutua Are religious invited?
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Harrison Mumia Nope just atheists ...
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Denis Kavuo Ngomoli replied • 6 Replies

Ivar Da Divah Arcoath And wat abt the over 100 students...will they be Atheists??
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Antoine Khisa replied • 1 Reply

ProfTonny Aluda Lugalia How can atheists discuss religion???? Will it not be a one sided coin??
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Ivar Da Divah Arcoath Mayb you shud get theist as well to have ua discussion broader..and more fun wen both parties are sure the student wont have all the answers regarding religion and philosophy
They are still learning alot rem...and am sure they kno little concerning atheism...
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ProfTonny Aluda Lugalia replied • 3 Replies • 2 hrs

Voila Swahili Lingala I would really to participate
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Kevinoh Vinoh Venue and time
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Harrison Mumia Come to the Kenya School of Monetary Studies at 8.30 am.

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Evan Thompson good luck!
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James Mutua How can atheist discuss religion when we all know they will all be condemning and insulting christian God. What kind of discussion is that? You need opposing minds if you are to discuss religion.
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ProfTonny Aluda Lugalia replied • 5 Replies • 2 hrs

Ivar Da Divah Arcoath Moses Same Wan ok.
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Moses Same Wan replied • 1 Reply

Gen Kombo Elijah Great. I support that. When I was growing up I never understood these stuff.
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Kimani Wa Njeri Can I attend the same without necessarily being converted into an atheist forcefully
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Kimani Wa Njeri replied • 2 Replies

Abisai Amatalo Can i call in during the show?
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Phylis Kangara Can u convince me to join the atheist
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Kerubo Lilian Bosire Madness!!
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