Monday, August 1, 2016

Equity CEO James Mwangi Is A S3x Beast, Esther Passaris Claims

Equity Bank Managing Director and CEO James Mwangi public image has been badly wounded after he was accused of being a s3x pest.
According to Esther Passaris who made the damaging claims, the Equity CEO sexually harassed her after she declined his overtures.

Passaris, who unsuccessfully vied for the Embakassi parliamentary seat in the last general elections, wondered how many women had fallen victims to the decorated CEO s3xual thirst.

Boniface Mwangi joined the lynch mob accusing James Mwangi of preying on women thanks to the power he wields in the society.
The Equity CEO has received many accolades both locally and internationally for the role he has played in the banking sector and his flagship ‘Wings to Fly’ initiative that has seen hundreds of needy children across the country receive sponsorships.

James Mwangi has not responded to the allegations leveled against him by Passaris fuelling rumors that the incident indeed happened.

Others, however, are of the opinion that Passaris is destroying the image of Mwangi for her own selfish gains.

Here is what she shared on social media;

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