I used To Smoke Weed And Drink Myself To Lunacy, Kathy Kiuna Reveals


Reverend Kathy Kiuna has for the first time shared her dark past and the criticism she faces as a church minister.

The Jubilee Christian Church (JCC) leader spoke about her past when she was a ‘bad girl’. Kathy revealed that she smoked weed and guzzled substantial amounts of alcohol.

“I was an outgoing lady. Carnivore will open and close when I was there. I smoked and drunk even tried weed at some point.” Kiuna said.

Kathy, together with her family, have been bashed on social media for living a lavish lifestyle that some see as ‘ungodly’.
The reverend, however, said that she has no apology to make for her lifestyle during the OneonOneShow aired on Citizen Television.

“I believe that no man of God is paid enough to do what they do”
, in defense of her opulent lifestyle.
The flamboyant Kathy went on to say that before you visit her Runda residence you must book an appointment since it’s not a ‘church home’.

“My house is not a church home. You have to book an appointment. It is for my children and I, and it is very clear because I want to have time with my family,”
she said.

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