Friday, August 12, 2016

The Lyrical Titan Is Back With Another Smash Of A Hit

Luo Rap King Vicmass Luodollar

The evergreen Victor Ochieng Ondeye, popularly known as Vicmass Luodollar to his legion of fans, has cemented his assertion as the Luo rap king with the release of a new single Simbe Adek. In an exclusive interview with TV Cosmopolitan, Vicmass shares the inspiration behind the song and his transformation from an outsider to a major player in the stiff local music industry..

The metamorphosis you have undergone has been incredible since our last interview in 2014. How have you managed to remain relevant

I push myself to the limit and am always hungry for success. The bigger picture for me is to conquer Kenya then extend my tentacles to Africa and the rest of the world with good music. I want to make good money from my music the challenges notwithstanding.

A while back your dress code was more African. What has changed with the fitting suits and all?

Oh my God!! I still rock African wear. Though am into suits when am dealing on the business side of my music. See, I have to throw in a couple of suits to look more appealing in the corporate world.

Let’s switch gears and talk about your collabo with Octopizzo. How did you manage to catch his attention and did you pay to feature him in the remix

It’s a long story but let me start by saying that I have always looked upto to him even before he was a big brand. He has been my mentor and his story has a lot of similarities with mine. Octopizzo used to work in a garage to raise money to record his music. This inspired me a great deal. To cut the long story short, I asked my fans who they would like me to work with on Bank Otuch remix and they overwhelmingly voted for Octpizzoo over Khaligrah Jones and Rabbit. He accepted when I approached him and that’s how the song was born.

To the news your fans have been eagerly waiting for. Are we expecting anything new from you

Definitely man. #SA-SIMBE ADEK will be dropping next week and it will be a smash of a hit.

What inspired you to write the song

The song is a sequel to Bank Otuch Remix that is still a massive hit to date. My fans asked for it and I wouldn’t let them down.

Why did you choose TVC to break the news of you’re the new release

TVC is the next big thing. Though it is young, the station is the fastest growing digital platform that will propel my music and other artists to the next level.

What more should we expect from you

My fans should expect nothing short of good music. I am so humbled and grateful for the support I get from DJs, Kenyan media both TV and radio. I also cant conclude this interview without sending a big shout out to my grandpa Obiero Pindwa and my co-writer for my hits Pesa, Bank Otuch-the original and remix and Simbe Adek. To my fans-I love you and God bless.
Source: TVC Kenya

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