Saturday, August 6, 2016

This Is The Guided Secret Card That Gideon Moi And Raila Are Planning To Unleash In 2017 That Will Send Uhuruto Home

Gideon Moi Has Come Under Sharp Criticism From Ruto

Cord leader Raila Odinga is facing a nightmarish rebellion that has left many political pundits writing him off as a worthy contender for the highest seat in the forthcoming polls.

President Uhuru Kenyatta poll ratings-although disputed by many-show that the incumbent will make minced meat of the Cord leader come 2017.

Raila’s situation has been worsened by the internal squabbling within Cord. His co-principals, Moses Wetangula and Kalonzo Musyoka, want him to back one of them to challenge Uhuru Kenyatta.

The myriad meetings between the Cord principals and their respective lieutenants have yielded no fruit. Western Kenya leaders are said to be in talks to back one of their ‘own’ to face Uhuru. Cord seems to be a sinking ship.

This has prompted Raila to seek a plan ‘B’ that will leave Jubilee in disarray. Talks are in top gear to loop in President Moi’s son as Raila Odinga’s possible running mate. Gideon was earlier quoted by a daily newspaper as saying that he has a secret that will leave many astonished.

The Deputy President William Ruto has been urging Gideon reciprocate the support he gave his father when he was President instead of fighting him.

The agreement, according to a well placed source, will see Raila serve for one term and support Gideon in his second term.


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