Monday, August 1, 2016

TVC Relaunch Amid Pomp And Color

One of Kenya’s most promising TV stations is set for a relaunch today (read 1st August 2016) at Lavington 28 Mugumo street starting from 8 PM.

Although it’s a new entrant in a crowded field, TV Cosmopolitan (TVC) is fast gaining currency thanks to the space its providing for artists and young entrepreneurs.

The re-launch will be graced by who is who in the local entertainment scene. “We are not re-inventing the wheel but giving Kenyans entertainment on the go”, TVC CEO Maurice Okoth shared his plans .

He went on to say that Kenyans will be able to watch shot clips on their phones as well as on commuters buses.

A cocktail of programs are in the offing with ‘Mombasa Diaries’ promising to be a must watch. The program will be airing every Sunday from 10 PM.

You can visit TVC websites to have a glimpse at some of the programs.

You can find TVC on channel 124 StarTimes, BigBox, Bamba TV and on GoTV

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