Sunday, September 11, 2016

Alai Fighting Raila’s Family After Winnie Odinga Turned Down His Marriage Proposal, Blogger Claims

Photo: Raila Odnga's Daughter Winnie Odinga

Top blogger Robert Alai has come under stinging criticism from Raila’s supporters for undermining the ODM leader.

According to rumors circulating on the blogosphere, Alai received a ‘brown envelop’ when he visited State House following an invitation of President Uhuru Kenyatta. It is said that immediately after the visit; Alai changed tuned and started supporting the incumbent.

Alai has taken to social media to castigate the former Prime Minister for lacking a clear strategy of dislodging Uhuru from the presidency in 2017. He went on to pen down how he has been frustrated by ODM even after fighting for the party and being jailed in the process.

A blogger going by the name Puot Tap Riak added another twists to the blood between Alai and Raila, claiming the attacks were as a result of Raila’s daughter Winnie Odinga turning down his marriage proposal.

This is what he posted:

I know it's going to sound like a propaganda but I have to let people know this.
Robert Alai proposed to Winnie Odinga, she turned down the proposal causing Alai to attack the family.
Mwanamke akikukataa, tafuta mwingine.

Alai is married and has a daughter.

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