Saturday, September 17, 2016

Apologize To The ACK Bishop You Called Stupid Or You Won’t See Our Votes, Maasai Community Threaten Uhuru

L-R: President Uhuru Kenyatta and Former President Moi During The Burial Of Ntimama

The burial of the late William Ole Ntimama was turned into a battlefield of sorts after President Uhuru Kenyatta bashed former Prime Minister and a respected Anglican Church of Kenya Bishop.

Bishop Julius Nalamae from Transmara said that the main priority among the Maasai community is unity above development drawing the ire of Uhuru.

The Bishop cited the near fanatical support Raila odinga receives in Luoland and said that the same should be replicated among one of their own.

When he rose to speak, President Uhuru viciously tore at the Bishop calling his sentiments stupid.

“On unity before development, there is a Bishop who said we must have unity of the Maasai first. I don’t know who he is but I would like us to know each other. But to say unity without development is stupidity” The President lambasted Nalamae.

The sentiments angered a section of the Maasai community who felt that Uhuru was showing disrespect to one of their own.

According to well placed sources, elders from the community have urged the President to apologize with immediate effect.

They reportedly threatened to support Cord leader Raila Odinga if Uhuru does not apologize.

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