CS Nkaissery Forced To Flee By Maasai Youths After He Demanded Governor To Defect To Jubilee


Interior CS Joseph Nkaissery

Tough talking Interior CS Joseph Nkaissery came under siege from angry youths after he told off Kajiado Governor saying that he won’t be re-elected on an ODM ticket and should defect to the newly formed Jubilee Party, reports the Star.

The marauding youths-known as Narresho Fundamentalist-forced the CS to cut short his speech during the crowning ceremony of Arroi location chief after making the unpalatable sentiments.

Nkaissery said that the Governor would be sent packing on elections day before 10 am, sentiments that did not go down well with the youths.

Residents had blocked alternatives routes leading to the avenue so that the CS could use the dilapidated Sultan Hamud/Mashuuru road.

The vocal Nkaissery has been vigorously campaigning for Jubilee Party in the predominately ODM stronghold.

156 leaders from the constituency joined ODM from Jubilee bringing into question the influence of the interior CS.

Leaders urged Nkedianye to succeed William Ntimama as the Maa community spokesman.

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