Sunday, September 11, 2016

DAC Continent Spreads The Light With New ‘Wanyama Anthem’ Hit

Refreshing, hard hitting and positivity is what the new jam by the multi-talented Insane and K Hoppa is all about.

The Duo, who make part of the DAC Continent, hard hitting lines highlight the merits that come with hard work as exemplified by Kenyan football star Victor Wanyama.

Nakazana ‘Wanyama Anthem’, produced by superprodussier CMG, is the lead single from the upcoming RAVEolutinary Friday LP by DAC Continent. According to flow legend Insane, Wanyama Anthem is inspired by people who go against the grain to achieve their goals.

"Our Inspiration is informed by people who defy the norm and end up being over successful...then the society tries to claim some leverage" Insane shared with this writer.

According to the lyrical bigwigs, Wanyama is the epitome of hardwork and should be emulated by the youths.
Members of DAC Continent
The evergreen hardcore Emcee K Hoppa said of the song:

"As Hiphop artists we strive to pass the message of youths economic wellbeing.. Nakazana is a hood vibe that gives encouragement to all who struggle to make it. About getting money, spending it. Going back the following week to hustle in this viscous cycle. But, at least feeling motivated."

The producer has done an incredible job on the track that promises to be a club banger.


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Dope their jams