Thursday, September 22, 2016

Jacob Juma Spirit Has Started Haunting Uhuru With Revival Of ICC Case, Dreaded Witchdoctor Claims

Witchdoctor Claims more is to come

The dreaded witchdoctor who conducted elaborate cultural rituals during the burial of Jacob Juma has sensationally claimed that the businessman’s spirit has started haunting his killers.

This comes days after the ICC referred Kenya to the Assembly of States Parties (ASP) over non-compliance in the case of President Uhuru Kenyatta.

The Kenyan government was accused of failing to provide crucial information related to President Uhuru Kenyatta case. Trial Chamber V (B) stated that the ASP would provide direction on Kenya perceived lack of cooperation.

“Noting that the case against Mr Kenyatta has been already terminated and considering the relevance of the materials sought in the Prosecutor’s request to current or future investigations, Trial Chamber V(B) considered a referral to the ASP appropriate for the purpose of fostering cooperation more broadly for the sake of any ongoing and/or future investigations and proceedings in the Kenyan situation,” the court said.

Jacob Juma was buried with a torch and knife. The witchdoctor then claimed that the controversial will use the torch to look for his killers day and night before stabbing them with the knife.
Juma had linked President William Ruto to a plot to assassinate him, rumors he rubbished.

The witchdoctor says this is the beginning of a troubled future for those who participated in the killing of the businessman.

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