Saturday, September 3, 2016

Lost And Found C-zars Is Back

The disappearance of award winning artist C-Zars, real names Abdulkarim Mohammed, when he was just about to sit for his national exam was a source of agony for his parents and thousands of his adoring fans.

News just in is that the artist has resurfaced from wherever he was with plans of releasing a new song. Yes after 10 years. The Amka Ukatike hitmaker was at the pinnacle of his career when he did a disappearance act to ‘avoid’ sitting for the Kenya Certificate Of Secondary Examination at the Kilindini High School.

Then rumors started swirling around that the artist was in Tanzania with a white sugar mummy. While another version had it that he was dead, rumors his father refuted.

Now the 27 year old is planning on making a comeback with a new hit. Before his disappearance he had won a number of awards that included the Chaguo la Teeniez and Fanta Pure Fresh Oxygen Talent Search.

His parents can now breathe.

Here is what he shared:

“Yess,Am Back,Czars Is Back
New Music Video Dropping this September #Tangu
Mark the Dates
After A Long Time Passing through alot of intimidation Rejection , desperation
Am Dropping It …

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