Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Meet The Hottest New DJ On The Block

Hot, multi-talented, bubbling with life are just some of the adjectives that attempt to define DJ Malaika. The TVC DJ shared her journey to from a young impressionable Turntablist to a household name in Kenya.
This is her story as shared to this writer:

Is Malaika your real name

That’s my stage name; my real names are Rhoda Ngei

How did you start deejaying

I have always loved music and this is what propelled me to be a DJ

What was the reception like on your maiden gig

I was invited to play at an event at Poseidon Parklands. The reception I received was simply amazing. It went beyond my expectation earning me a second gig the following weekend.

Is this what you wanted to do growing up

Yes. I was always took part in music festivals and all other school performances. When I got to learn about deejaying, I instantly feel in love with the art.

How did your parents react when you told them you wanted to be a DJ

My family is very supportive and they love what i do, this gives energy to continue.

Who is your mentor in this fast growing industry

I look upto various local and international acts... but most importantly i learn from them all...

Tell me, in your own estimation, who is biggest female DJ right now in Kenya.

ME OFCOURSE!!!! lol!!! but, I respect all the female deejays in the industry, and they are all big in their own way, but it’s about time they realized there is a new kid on the block.

Why you and can you take them one on one.

As I said, I respect them all and i don't take deejaying as a competition but a tool to entertain therefore if taking one on one will entertain my fans I will gladly do it

What was your lowest and highest moment as a DJ.

I once encountered a technical hitch with my hard-drive while playing at a packed party. I looked so unprofessional since that day i always carry a back up hard drive. HIGHEST playing at mashujaa pool party in 2015 it was the best experience so far

Do you have a specific genre you have specialized in

Am a jack of all trades and as a deejay am able to play all genres but people know me mostly as an edm DJ

Are you able to pay your bills through DJying.

Yes it does Word of advice for aspiring female DJs Respect hardwork and patience

Are you singe, taken or married...
hahahaha am i single? no am taken by time.....just focusing with my career for now tihihi

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