Murang’a Man Who Sodomized 19 School Boys Is HIV Positive


Photo: 19 School Boys Sexually Assaulted In Murang’a

A 38 year old man suspected to have sodomized 19 boys aged between 8 and 15 is HIV positive, according to locals.

The man, known as Enoch Mwangi, was rescued by police from a charged mob that wanted to lynch him for committing the heinous acts and allegedly infecting one of the boys with HIV.

The suspect reportedly enticed the young boys with money and took them to his house in Igikoro village, Kamahuha, Makuyu sub-county where he proceeded to exploit them sexually.

A teacher where the boys schooled was quoted by the Star as saying:

“I took one of the boy’s to a nearby health facility and upon examination it was revealed that he had been sodomized. We forced them to explain who was responsible and they led us to the suspect’s house and we had him arrested”

The suspect had threatened the boys with death if they dared report him to anyone.

One of the boys narrated how the suspect gave him Sh50 when he found him fetching firewood. Later that day, he called him and demanded for his money which the boy had misplaced. He sent him to a nearby shop to buy jelly and upon returning to the suspect house, the man went ahead to sexually abuse him.

Villagers said that they will lynch perpetrator and his family if the police dare release him. One of the villager said that the man was a repeat offender and had been arrested for a similar offence.

The man, is is locked up in Maragau police station, will undergo HIV testing.


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