Thursday, September 1, 2016

No Imports From Kenya, Magufuli Now Orders

President John Magufuli has now ordered Tanzanian companies to cease importing anything that can be locally bought in the country.

This move is seen by the Jubilee administration as an affront to the Kenyan economy. It’s worth noting that Magufuli had reduced the quantity of electricity bought from Kenya to upto 67 percent.

The introduction of stiffer work permit requirements was also viewed as targeting Kenyans working in Tanzania.

He pulled the rag under the feet of Kenya after he wrestled the pipeline deal which saw Uganda build a Sh400 billion oil pipeline through Tanzania.

The much praised Standard Gauge Railway (SGR), that was to go all the way to Rwanda, stalled after the landlocked country opted to use the Tanzania route since it was cheaper and shorter. This prompted Kenya to terminate the SGR in Naivasha.
Source: TVC Kenya

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