Thursday, September 15, 2016

Photos Of A Half Naked Esther Passaris Causes Storm On Social Media-See Photos

Esther Passaris Will Run For The Nairobi Gubernatorial Seat In The 2017 General Election

She is one of the most controversial businesslady cum politician-surpassing even the theatrics of Nairobi Women representative Rachel Shebesh.

Esther Passaris, who wants to be the Nairobi Governor, is known for dressing in skimpy outfits not befitting a woman of her stature.

Last month she went on to accuse Equity CEO James Mwangi of s3xu@l violating her. Some questioned the truth of the accusation saying that Passaris has a record of ‘conning’ wealthy men their hard earned money.

Passaris latest photo, in a through dress, is testimony enough of her morals standing in a conservative society.

Here are some of Passaris photos:
This is the see through dress that has caused widespread condemnation from Kenyans

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