Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Police Arrest Pastor Who Rubbed Olive Oil On Church Member’s Private Parts

A Ghanaian pastor was arrested for rubbing olive oil on a church member’s v@g!na in the name of casting out demons.

According to Daily Guide, Pastor Edmond Kakrae Agyei of Faith Word Church International located at Nii Boi Town in Accra convinced the 18 year old victim that he could cast the evil spirits by applying olive oil in her cl!tor!s.

The pastor is alleged to have attempted to rape her after the act but she managed to escape.

Tesano Divisional Crime Officer, DSP Aba-Afari, said that the man of God had been provisionally charged with indecent assault and breach of trust.

Edmond had told the mother-who also fellowships in the same church-that God had revealed to him through a vision that her daughter was possessed with evil spirits.

The mother then told her daughter to seek the help of the pastor for deliverance. Edmond told the girl to accompany him to his house for the special prayers and she obliged-it’s then that pastor attempted to r@pe her after applying the olive oil on her privates.

DSP Aba-Afari was quoted as saying:

“Pastor Edmond Kakrae Agyei again asked the victim if she had experienced menstrual pains before and the victim answered in the affirmative”

The pastor proceeded to rub the oil on the 18 year old v@g!n@ and cl!tor!s after instructing her to remove her pants.

When she tried to resist, the pastor pinned her down and forcefully kissed prompting her to raise an alarm for help. She managed to escape and informed her parents what had transpired.

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