Friday, September 9, 2016

The Prestigious 2016 DEAR Awards A Big Success Story-Here Are The Winners

The 2016 Diaspora Entertainment Awards & Recognition affectionately known as DEAR was held in Dallas, Texas at the Marriot Hotel in Las Colinas on September 3, 2016. As many large undertakings go, the preparation for this event and its eventual production had some pitfalls but the determined organizers weathered the storm and pulled it off.

This sophomore effort may have lacked the sponsors that the debut event enjoyed but it took off almost without a hitch. The brainchild of Dr. Pam Mogaka, the Dear Awards in its 2nd instalment has taken on legs and will thrive because of the stellar support by its core organizers pictured below:
From left to right: Lucy McKenzie, Gladys Griffin, Lynet Okemwa, CEO and founder Dr. Pam Mogaka, Margaret Ellis and Steve Aseno.

This 2nd Award show was a definite upgrade from its predecessor. From the hosts, to the stage lighting, to the music, to the classy dresses and suits adorned on the Red Carpet, to the food and the Artist performances. This Award show was a definite event of class, elegance and excellence. The theme of 2016 was diversity. Unlike its predecessor, which was an all Kenyan affair, this year’s event included nominees and attendees from other parts of Africa including Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Gambia, Benin, Zambia, Cameroon and South Africa.

The show was hosted by Kenyan-American actor Benjamin A. Onyango based in Hollywood, California. Benjamin is best known for such movies as Tears of the Sun, God’s Not Dead 1 &2 and TV series The Shield, General Hospital and The X-Files. The actor was assisted by Dallas locals of Community Organizer Tony Ondeng and comedian Jojo Showcali.
The Dear Awards organizers would like to thank all the attendees for coming out in full force to make the event a success. They would also like to thank their two sponsors Lydia Akumu of Century Health services and Connie Bryant of Professional Home Health & Hospice without whose help the show would have struggled.

Actor Benjamin A. Onyango also urged the audience to support DEAR and make it bigger and better every year. DEAR’s mission statement states in part that it is committed to recognizing Africa’s rising stars, all talent regardless of which country of Africa they originate from. Its task is to make it possible. Provide a stage for these great achievers, the hard working men and women who have gone above and beyond the call of duty to be appreciated and celebrated.

The actor emphasized that DEAR’s Mission was a noble cause that needs to be supported by all means. He urged the audience to spread the word and to make sure that the Dear Awards becomes a strong organization which will serve the African Diaspora for years to come.

Dear Awards 2016 Winners

Benjamin A. Onyango - Best Actor

Christine Wawira - Best Actress

Chris Omollo - Outstanding Photography

Edwin Bogonko - Best Academician

Huguette Houndelo - Outstanding Journalist
Jambo News - Best African Magazine

Jane Mukami - Outstanding Entrepreneur

Lilly Richards - Community Organizer

Narada Wersonga - Best Male Model

Selestine Mwango - Best Female Model

Nick Rose - Best Fashion Designer

One Mic Show - Best Radio

Sarah Wairimu Brooks law Firm - Outstanding Agency

Stella Nyanduko - Best Gospel Artist

Dorothy Macharia - Best Comedian

Emily Lagat - Outstanding Spiritual

Hope in Love Ministries – Outstanding NGO

Robert Nyabwari - Best Artist

Maria Mutitu - Best Blogger

Amezam Shipping - Outstanding Transport

Victory Chapels Dallas - Best Band

Choma Sundays - Outstanding Restaurant

Ivy Awino - Best DJ


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