Thursday, September 1, 2016

This Is Why Najib Balala Is The Talk Of The Town #Kiwi Effect

Tourism Cabinet Secretary Najib Balala is making news after he decided to join the Kenyan league of leaders who don’t want to age gracefully.

The former Mvita Constituency MP has now decided to dye is white hair black. The reactions from Kenyans, after the photos were shared by hawk eyed Kenyans, is simply hilarious.

Najib is one of the many leaders who passes as handsome and will do anything to look young.

Here are some of the reactions after Macharia Gaitho posted the Photos online #Kiwi Effect:

Joys Kimani He looks a male barbie doll.he looked so handsome before.I think ni plastic surgery. Wah...I hate it when you invest so much to look better and you end up looking like a scare crow

Paul Mwaura Iko na nta ya kanuba kwa mungaro unao dumu

Yep! When your hair shines, you shine too

Jack Muraguri Even Anyang Nyong'o colours his beard. The dude is 71 years old!

Stephen Derwent Partington I have discovered four grey hairs in my beard, and I'm not sure whether to keep them, dye them, or remove my head.

Source: TVC Kenya

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