Three Months Talking Baby Causes Stir In Bungoma


Photo: The Star

Baby Joy Wangila is the talk of Bilaa B village in Tongaren constituency, Bungoma county thanks to her ability construct words at only three months.

Residents have turned little Joy’s home into an amazement park of sorts as they throng the compound to witness the rare phenomenal.

Joy parents, Patrick Wasike and his wife Salome Wangila’s, said that their baby is able to express herself verbally when she’s hungry and when she wants to relieve herself.

The mother was quoted by a section of the media as saying:

”My child just says words… When she wants to eat something she asks for it. If you refuse to give it to her she begins to cry”

The grandmother told journalist how the child demanded for porridge when the mother tried to breastfed her. Ordinarily children start constructing sentences at 1 year and two months.

The child told off a neighbor who borrowed potatoes from their farm. She reportedly said:

“She spoke again while I was digging for potatoes for lunch. A neighbour came and asked for the potatoes and the child told her not to eat anything from this home.”

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