Thursday, September 15, 2016

Top Five Kenyan Women You Should Not Dare Date Or Marry

Bishop Margaret Wanjiru During Her Graduation Ceremony

History is a great teacher for those who have a functioning head and are ready to learn from precedents. That said, we will take a journey into the world of some powerful women Kenyan men should avoid like a bad disease.

Here is the list:

Esther Passaris-Business Lady

Controversy may as well be the synonymy to Esther Passaris. Given, she’s hot and aging like fine wine. But, again, who will want to marry a beautiful mamacita who will throw you under the bus for your money. Businessman Pius Ngugi, who is the father of her children, took Passaris to court for continuously harassing and coercing him for money with all manner of threats. The business lady was at it again-this time round she accused respected Equity CEO James Mwangi of ‘wanting to bed her’. The reaction from social media was divided with some aptly labeling her a gold digger. Passaris will be vying for the Nairobi Gubernatorial position in the forthcoming general elections.

Lilian Muli-Citizen News Anchor

She has a body to die for and every time she graces our screen-news becomes a must watch. That said, Lilian Muli has an ego the size of a pregnant elephant. Just recently who made news when she attacked a defenseless waiter and called her all manner of unprintable insults. Her marriage to Moses Njuguna Kanene came tumbling down because of her wayward behavior. It is alleged that she was in a relationship with Shabana FC Chairman Jared Nivaton.

Betty Kyalo-KTN News Anchor

Her short-lived fairy tale marriage to Dennis Okari was fodder for bloggers. All manner of rumors were peddled with abandon. It was alleged that Okari nearly killed Betty after learning that a top politician had bought her a fuel guzzler. The politician is the stylish Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho. The well endowed new anchor moved to a house that was bought in the tune of millions by the Governor. Okari has remained mum over what transpired.

Vera Sidika-Socialite

Socialite is a term that has been badly abused in Kenya. The likes of Corazon Kwamboka, Huddah and other wannabes have been labeled ‘socialites’ thanks to their gigantic ‘behinds’. In Kenya-a young lady who sleeps with wealthy men-is defined as a socialite. Now you know why Vera Sidika is not a wife material.

Margaret Wanjiru-Preacher Cum Politician

The woman of God vehemently denied she was married to Kamungu. Bishop Margaret Wanjiru, together with her son, teamed up to call the late James Kamangu a con-the resemblance notwithstanding. She started shortly after to date a preacher from South Africa with rumors of impending nuptials. It did not take long before the man from down south learned that he was dealing with a dangerous woman. He left the country in a huff-no Kenyan man has dared date her since then.

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