Sunday, September 18, 2016

Top Six Powerful Politicians Who Are Said To Have Bought Their Degrees

Nominated MP Johnson Sakaja

One Miguna Miguna, a former advisor of former Prime Minister Raila Odinga, has revived the debate of the degrees our politicians purport to have attained through hardwork. The pompous Miguna blasted Bishop Margaret Wanjiru, during the Nairobi gubernatorial debate aired on KTN JKL show, questioning if she really stepped in any university. Miguna went ahead to ask her “Did you actually go to a university? What was the name of your dissertation….? The good Bishop was cornered and became the banter of social media users.

Education CS Fred Matiangi has also dismissed politicians who attained degrees without the mandatory entry point required in university. Such degrees, according to Matiangi, are deemed invalid.

Here is a list of top politicians whose academic credentials are said to be bogus

Bishop Margaret Wanjiru-Former Starehe MP and Nairobi Governor Aspirant

She has the money and enjoys a near fanatical following from her church members. Bishop Margaret Wanjiru was to vie for the Nairobi governor seat but her academic credentials could not meet the required threshold. This paved the way for current governor Evans Kidero to be the ODM flagbearer. This prompted Margaret to switch allegiance and join the Jubilee party. She joined St Paul’s to pursue a degree in Leadership and Management to buttress her chances of running for the Nairobi governor position come 2017. Her degree comes under sharp scrutiny given that she does not even know what a dissertation is.

Ferdinand Waititu- Kabete MP

Kiambu Governor William Kabogo took his political nemesis Ferdinand Waititu to court for allegedly lying that he was in Panjab University. This means that Waititu is in office illegally and his dreams of running for the Kiambu Gubernatorial seat are not realistic. Panjab University issued this statement that read in part:
“The name of Ferdinand Waititu is not in on record as a student of B.Com Degree course during the academic sessions 1985-86 to 1987-88.”

“The name of the student having registration No. 85-GC-555 is Clifford Ndung’u Waititu during the academic session 1985-86, 1986-87 and 1987-88 for B.Com through degree course.”

Kabogo, through his lawyer Issa Mansur, filed an affidavit that alleged Waititu used the brother’s-Clifford Waititu-certificates claiming to be his.

Mike Sonko-Nairobi Senator and Nairobi Governor Aspirant

His behavior speaks volumes. Mike Mbuvi Sonko can be abrasive, uncouth, but many love him for his generosity. Sonko graduated with a degree in Business Administration. What is however not clear is how he managed to clear for four years course in a record two years given that he was a part-time student. Granted, if he was in a crash program that would have passed but that was not the case.

Hassan Joho-Mombasa Governor
The Ugandan National Council of Higher Education termed Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho degree certificate from Kampala University as a fraud. According to the council that was chaired by Prof Nyeko Pen-Mogi, due process was not followed in awarding the Governor a Bachelor of Business Administration degree.

William Mtengo-Malindi MP

He won the Malindi by-election after escaping serious allegations of falsifying his academic credentials. William Mtengo said to have faked both his secondary and university academic certificates.

Johnson Sakaja-Nominated MP and Nairobi Governor Aspirant
Transcripts allegedly belonging to Nominated MP Johnson Sakaja were leaked online to the chagrin of the aspiring governor. Sakaja, who was pursuing actuarial science, scored a string of Es and Ds -essentially means there was no way the young politicians could have graduated.

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