Thursday, September 29, 2016

Children Of Powerful Kenyan Leaders Who Ashame Their Parents

Being a politician’s child comes with a lot privileges. The children get to be chauffeured to the most expensive schools; go to trips abroad, drive the latest fuel guzzlers and wine and dine in the most exclusive clubs money can afford. We take a look at children of politicians who have equated the privileges to irresponsibility.
Muhoho Kenyatta-President Uhuru Kenyatta Son

Revelations of Muhoho Kenyatta dalliance with hard drugs was met by disbelief by many. According to the story that first appeared on the Kawatungu blog linked to Robert Alai, the President Uhuru younger son had been booked to a South African rehabilitation centre to enable him fight his addiction. This came shortly after political activist Boniface Mwangi claimed that President Uhuru was also addicted to alcohol.

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