Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Top Ten Kenyan Women Leaders With Stinking Loose Morals

Anne Waiguru
Anne Waiguru-Former Devolution and Planning Cabinet Secretary

Being a leader, and especially a woman leader, entails a lot. The society expects women to be morally upright devoid of any scandals-while a few shenanigans by their male counterparts can be dismissed as ‘normal men behavior’. This tide is however changing with the new crop of female legislators being entangled in illicit affairs, corruption, divorce and alcohol abuse.

We take a closer look at such leaders who are giving women a bad name…

The former Devolution CS Anne Waiguru wielded immense powers in the Jubilee administration that she came to earn the moniker of ‘Prime Minister’. The powerful CS was rumored to be President Uhuru Kenyatta ‘s side dish thanks to the proximity she enjoyed with the Head of State. The allegations made heavy rotation on social media and were further perpetuated by opposition leaders forcing the President to come out to deny the rumors. Waiguru’s downfall came when she was implicated over the loss of about a billion shillings from NYS.

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