Monday, September 26, 2016

Top Ten Politicians With Insatiable Appetite For Women

Makueni Senator Mutula Kilonzo claims that the child bears no resemblance to his family

Kenyans politicians are a magnet for the fair sex courtesy of their fat paycheck and the power they wield in the society. They have perfected the art of use, dump and fish for a new catch-it’s a vicious cycle. News of legislators impregnating young women fit to be their daughters is seemingly the new norm.

We take a look at top ten politicians whose exploits are almost legendary

Mutula Kilonzo Jr-Makueni Senator

It took only one shot to impregnate one Victoria Ndunge Musyoka. The legislator was quoted by a local tabloid as saying that the child in question did not even resemble him. He went on to castigate the lady-who wants Mutula to pay for child support- accusing her of turning their one night tryst into a cash cow. Mutula Kilonzo admitted to have given Ndunge Sh150,000 to terminate the pregnancy but she opted to carry the pregnancy to term. The matter is still pending in court.

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