Tuesday, September 27, 2016

William Kabogo-Kiambu Governor

Kiambu Governor William Kabogo

His style of politics is informed by incitement that does not befit a man of his stature in the country. Like most Central Kenya leaders, he has perfected the act of hurling insults to former Prime Minister Raila Odinga.
He was quoted as saying:

“Today is Demethew’s day, we don’t have much to say. So much have been said by the MPs and those who think there will be fight in Kenya, we are not interested in war but we are not afraid of anyone. Is it true ? Are we together ? Do we tell them that ?

And it’s not that am declaring war in Kenya but just the other day I told Mr. Muthama to stop abusing the President of Kenya and if he tries I will get him from his mother’s house. Let them give birth to a boy to abuse but not Uhuru. Are we together?

Everytime someone stands is Uhuru this, uhuru that. When you go to social media all they have is dirty photos. They don’t have manners, let them know we are fed up. Do you agree with me ?

And you newspaper writers tell Raila to stop nonsense and if they want to take us to court, let them do so. I am ready and I have money to defend myself. Are we together? We stop dwelling on issues being raised by uncircumcised men all the time. And I always tell you that that thing (foreskin) is not good. It is supposed to be cut because it lowers thinking capacity. Are we together ?”

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