Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Youngest Award Winning DJ Guchy Proves That Age Is Not A Limit

He is soft spoken, listens keenly and takes time to elaborate his present and future plans. Behind that veneer, is a talented DJ cum promoter who is causing ripples in the local and international showbiz circles. Meet Jeffrey Guchu aka DJ Guchy as he takes this writer through his journey as a DJ and a renowned promoter.

Who inducted you into the Deejaying world

No one really introduced me to deejaying. It’s a passion I had since I was 12 years old. I just loved to watch deejays on TV doing their thing and getting the crowds go in a frenzy. I cultivated a lot of time researching online on what it takes to be a DJ.

How did your first gig pan out

My maiden gig was infront of over 10,000 students during the Provincial Music Festivals. I gave my best and that’s how DJ Guchy became a household name. The many interviews on Riddim Up on K24 TV, St8 up, Yolo (both on KTN), Teen Republic on NTV further gave me the limelight as a big time DJ.

Has this been your dream career growing up

Well, I Just love Music, Entertainment and Showbiz in general and this is what drew me to Deejaying. My other passion is TV and Radio production and celebrity management.

What are the challenges you face as a deejay

The Kenyan music scene is all messed up. I started deejaying in Clubs with when I only 12 and the clientele 21+. There were lots of issues when it came to booking me for shows at that age. The management felt that it was too much to spend 20k on a Kid to perform at a club with Mature Crowd.

What is the secret behind your meteoric rise in this crowded and highly competitive field

G.O.E God Over Everything. Never Work Hard, Work Smart!

Let’s switch gears and talk about your role as a promoter. How did you enter into what is seen by many as a complex field

As I told you earlier the Kenyan music scene is all Messed up and I wanted to change the game. It’s sad to say that top Kenyan artists have big egos and have this attitude that a much younger person cannot tell them anything. So I decided to try something different and Guess what? It worked. I signed my first International Star at the age of 17 and she repaid me by doing a clip that confirmed that i was in charge of all her bookings in Africa. The clip went Viral and in a span of 3 months I had already signed around 10 superstars. What followed was requests from African stars asking me to manage them.

You are obviously very young-how do you manage to convince the big time artists to perform in Kenya and other parts of the world

I don't really convince anyone but they instead request me to book them for shows. They send me proposals to book them for shows in Africa, UAE & the UK. The good thing with being a promoter is that you don't chase the artist, the artist will chase you. The trick is working smart, getting a good team and doing things differently and everyone will want to work with you. I booked my first artist 2 shows in the UK. I've also booked shows for International stars in Gambia, Zimbabwe South Africa & Nigeria. Unfortunately I've have not brought any to Kenya But I'm working on it.

Tell us about your company Blackspot International Media Group and Global Entertainment

Blackspot International Basically offers professional services to International artists and Companies. That is Managing International artists, handling bookings for them, Digital Marketing & Public relations. We have branches in South Africa,USA, Dubai & Jamaica

How do you manage to juggle between your studies and your full list career

Just a matter of planning. I love studying and everything have set my mind to do and that’s how how manage to create time for everything I do.

Who is your mentor

(Laughs) I've always told people I don't have a mentor but that's not true. I look up to lot's of people. First My dad, and any God fearing human being transforming lives & influencing masses positively.

Where do you see yourself in the next five years

God has good plans for me-I have no doubt about that. My prayer is to tour the likes of Chris Brown, Jayz & Nickiminaj

Word of advice for upcoming DJs

-No One is out here to help you, out here it's just you and your God. Always be alert and no one should tell you shit in this industry just do your thing.

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