Friday, October 21, 2016

Achieng Abura Troubling Last Moments And What May Have Caused Her Death Revealed

Achieng Abura in a past event

Legendary Afro-Jazz artist Achieng Abura had a history of depression and kidney problems before she died at the Kenyatta National Hospital, reports the Star.

The former Tusker Project Fame voice coach shared how her doctor advised her to add 30 kgs after she lost over 50 kgs.
Abura’s son was suffered from sickle cell anemia and the resultant depression may have resulted to her death.

Blogger Donald Kipkorir shared this on social media:

Death of Achieng' Abura Exposes Our Hypocrisy

Today, Achieng' Abura left us. In her death, do we see the hypocrisy of Kenyans. Suddenly, everyone on social media is claiming they were friends with her.

Yet in her interview in the Business Daily of July 7 ( my birthday) , she told Jackson Biko (Bikozulu) that she had been struggling for over five years in vain to raise money to take her son to England for treatment of his sickle cell anemia. That in one "successful" fund raiser, less than ten people turned up.

Like we always do, she will now be praised by all, and thousands will turn up in a requiem mass and then the funeral. The body may even be moved from KNH where she has died to Lee Funeral Home. In death, her body will receive more money and friends than she received when alive.

Why do Kenyans turn up in multitude calling themselves friends of one who is dead, when they aren't there when they were alive?
My true friends know me: I stand by my friends when alive. I will never claim to be a friend of someone when dead when I wasn't there for them when they were alive and suffering.

Hypocrisy of Kenyans ought to end, and must end. If you didn't support someone when alive, don't claim them when dead.
RIP Achieng' Abura. Am sorry, I never knew you when alive. Our paths never crossed. But will extend support to your son to raise the medical bill for his treatment.

PS. East Breweries Limited with all the Billions they make couldn't give her the meagre Kshs. 12million after she did all the Tusker Fame Projects? And they claim to be good corporate citizen!

Her post on losing weight and the subsequent health repercussions read:

"I have lost over 50 kgs in the last three Years. Everything is hanging and weak. Walking is a problem with pains all over. Doctor says I must add 30 kgs then lose it as I exercise and firm up.

The irony of life. I was not even losing weight intentionally! I allowed life to get the better of me. Learn from my mistake"
Abura was a mother of one.

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