Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Alfayo Mohammed, A Son Of A Kisii Politician, Who Raped A Class 4 Pupil And Posted Photos Online Yet To Be Arrested

The most hated man in Kenya right now

There was uproar on social media when a man posted photos of an underage girl he had s3xu@lly abused on social media.

The man who goes by the name Mohammed Alfayo-his real name Calvin Mbane Alfayo-is a said to be the son of Mekenene Ward, Borabu sub-county in Nyamira county MCA, Hon Alfayo Ngereza Mabera.

Alfayo took to social media to share photos of his unpalatable exploits with the STD 4 girl leading to calls of his arrests from shocked Kenyans. On one of the photos, the girl is pictured showing off her breast.

The paedophile timeline is awash with posts of his legendary s3xu@l exploits with grandmothers and pr()st!tues. He shows of wads of cash at his disposal and how easily he can buy women.
Photo that caused uproar on social media
Alfayo and his MCA dad

Here are just some of the reactions from Kenyans on twitter:


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