Monday, October 17, 2016

Am Not A P()rnstar And Those Videos On Social Media Are Not Mine, Tonna Finally Speaks Out

Tonna Jossey Has Distanced Himself From P()rn videos associated with her

The p()rn videos doing heavy rotation on social media that have badly damaged my reputation are not mine, Tonna Jossey has come out to clear her name.

According to the 23 year Tonna, real names Antonett Achieng’, her ex-boyfriend leaked the videos of another lady and claimed she was the one.

Tonna questioned why she is being associated with the video while her face is not visible. The business lady cum video vixen said that the allegations have damaged her career and caused heartache in her family circle.

“It’s so clear that am not a p()rnstar, I respect myself and can’t sell my body, somebody is out there to ruin my name”, Tonna shared with team

Given her beauty, Tonna said that those sharing the videos and claiming it’s her only want to bed her.

“Maybe it’s because they want me and they’ve never had the chance”,
a vexed Tonna shared.

The vixen said that her ex-boyfriend is trying to get back to her by falsely associating her with the videos:

My boyfriend leaked the videos and claimed it was me to tarnish my name and ruin my reputation. I do respect myself very much and wouldn’t want people to associate me with those nasty videos.

My future is as bright as my eyes, and he can never succeed in bringing me down, Tonna added.
She said of those sharing her videos:

“…Those haters who are spreading false rumors about me, please get busy with your lives..”

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