Saturday, October 15, 2016

Celebrated Female Artist Cum Event Organizer Lady Nanaa Finally See’s The Light

Artist Cum Event Organizer Lady Nanaa

Rumors of Lady Nanaa’s transition from the secular music world to the more conservative gospel music industry started filtering in when her posts on social media were filled with bible verses and chronicles of her life.

The raunchy photos on her facebook page, that afforded her hundreds of likes, have now been replaced with motivational quotes and how Jesus will save the world.

Speaking to this writer, Lady Nanaa revealed that she has never found inner peace in the secular world. The Nieleze hitmaker explained that her debut album Kikaragosi was more of gospel than secular.

“I felt empty without God in my life. I decided to give my life to Christ after a lot of soul searching”, Nanaa said. 

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About her future plans, Nanaa says that she is still reflecting on her life and how to best serve God.

Nanaa has in the past been actively involved in charitable events in different counties across the country.