Thursday, October 27, 2016

DP Ruto Seeks To Work With Raila After Epic Betrayal By Uhuru

Peter Keneth

Deputy President William Ruto has been backstabbed and is seeking for an exit plan to save his thinning chances of ascending to the presidency.

According to well placed sources, those fighting the DP are within the Jubilee Party. It is even rumored that activist Boniface Mwangi is being used to malign Ruto’s image to make him a no sale to the electorate ahead of the 2022 general elections.

Mwangi accused the DP of being behind the assassination of Jacob Juma; being a serial land grabber and impregnating a university student.

These allegations, whether true or otherwise, are damaging the well guarded reputation of the DP who has fashioned himself as a strong Christian. One cannot imagine what arsenal Mwangi is prepping to unearth when the case plays out in court.

Political pundits aver that the entry of Kenya National Congress leader Peter Kenneth in the Nairobi gubernatorial race is instigated by the Mt Kenya mafia desire to have him succeed President Uhuru in 2022.

The DP handlers are fuming over Uhuru’s betrayl and want Ruto to chart a new political path. Some are questioning why they allowed URP to collapse.

Lawyer Donald B Kipkorir, a close Ruto confidante, had to met with Peter Kenneth to get reassurance that he wont run for the presidency against William Ruto.

Retweeted Donald B Kipkorir (@DBK017):
Have had a long chat with @Peter_Kenneth & has asked me to assure the Kalenjin Nation that he will never run against H.E @WilliamsRuto.

The DP has already sent emissaries to engage Raila Odinga on a possible working relationship. It is said that Ruto is sending a subtle message to Uhuru that he can work with the ‘enemy’.

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