Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Kendi and Russel Booth

Washed out Kendi and Russel Booth

Her musical career was showing all signs of blossoming until she decided to find a shortcut out of poverty by dating a Briton. Russel Booth accused the singer of being a leech who used and swiftly dumped him. The boyfriend had bought Kendi two cars and treated her to a life she could only imagine of. Kendi on her part accused her ex-husband of undergoing a vasectomy procedure without informing her. The artist told a local tabloid that she wanted kids-an impossibility given the husband decision to undergo the procedure behind her back. The couple separation played out in the media with the Briton vowing to repossess his cars. Kendi love for alcohol is almost legendary and her music career is as good as dead.

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