Saturday, October 22, 2016

Luhya Men

The once a year trip to Western Kenya is considered romantic

Luhya man enjoying a meal of ugali

Luhya men take the cake of being the most unromantic men in Kenya and probably East Africa. Patricia narrated how a man from the Mulembe nation asked him out and she obliged thanks to his good looks and muscular physique. After the dinner date, the brother offered to escort her to Kencom and offered her Sh50 as transport. That aside, Luhya men are rough with little regard, if any, for the women they date. To them, the conquest is on how many women they have slept with and her prowess in preparing Ugali. An ideal day out is the once a year trip to Western to meet his folks while all your household belongings are bedecked on the bus carrier.

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