Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Nigerian Residing in Kenya reveals how Kenyan Women Are Loose

By: Tonna Dimples

If you have ‘Mpesa’ you will easily sleep with any Kenyan lady you fancy, A Nigerian man living in Kenya confides to this writer. He narrates why Nigerians will not marry a Kenyan and their aversion to Kikuyu women. It is widely believed that Nigerians marry Kenyans to use them as drug mules or to legitimize their illegal dealings in the country.

Here is the candid interview with Oluwagbo, who resides in Kenya, on his many exploits with Kenyan women and how his countrymen view our beauties.

What's your view of Kenyan women

Oluwagbo: They are cool and fun to be with, but they go crazy when drunk

Most Nigerians never marry Kenyan ladies. Why is this the case

Oluwagbo: Communication barrier and the fact that most Nigerian parents won’t approve the union because of our cultural differences.

The few Nigerians who marry Kenyan ladies never have children together. Why is this

Oluwagbo: Simply because we want a companion to satisfy our bodily needs while in Kenya

Is it true with 'mpesa' you can have sex with our ladies

Yes. Most Kenyans ladies love money than the person who has it. No money no goodies seems to be their mantra.

Why do Nigerians shy away from dating kikuyu ladies

Kikuyu ladies are too demanding. A Nigerian guy will give you money if he feels that you need it.

How many Kenyan ladies have you slept with

Oluwagbo: Countless. But I use protection everytime.

Rate kenyan women out of ten

Oluwagbo: I will grudgingly give a four

Why four

Oluwagbo: They are not too good In bed and complain about the size of the 'manhood'. Their loving making skills are wanting.

Tonna Dimples is a professional dancer and a fast rising blogger.

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Miss Jones said...

In France Nigerians are known to be con men and their ladies are famous prostitutes. It all depends on how we look at things. Every story has 2 sides.