Wednesday, October 5, 2016

School Girls Reveal What MCAs Did To Them As Residents Vow To Set Their Houses Ablaze

Nduru High School

Two randy MCAs had carnal knowledge with three students of Nduru Girls High for two nights, one of the victims has revealed.

According to the girl, Masimba MCA Joash Orora and Nyakoe MCA Cosmas Saka promised them goodies for a night of debauchery. The girls had been sent home to collect school fees but instead opted for a night of merry making with the MCAs.

The girl was quted as saying:

"We left school on Friday and spent two days with our friends"
Nyakoe MCA Cosmas Saka
The girls and the MCAs were arrested the following day when they were having breakfast. A resident said that she saw the girls changing into home clothes while inside the MCAs cars.

Police trailed the leaders following a tip off from locals and found the girls inside their cars.

Residents have vowed to set the MCAs houses ablaze if the police dare to release them.
Masimba Ward MCA Joash Orora

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atunga josephat said...

we comrades from the gusii region shall in setting the houses ablaze we cant condone such an act of acute molest