Wednesday, October 26, 2016

These Are The Most Likely Ways You Will Die In Kenya

Terrorists have been a big headache for Kenyan security apparatus
Death is inevitable. Simply put-we will all die. In Kenya, and Africa by extension, how you will end up dead is almost predictable. Our writer takes a look at the most likely ways you will meet your death in Kenya.

Terrorist Attacks

Kenya adventure in Somalia has been nothing but disastrous. While Kenya Defense Forces (KDF) are battling the enemy in the shambolic country, Alshabab terrorists have made Kenya their playing field killing innocent civilians at will. KDF have not been spared the wrath of the terrorist elements if the Al Adde attack was anything to go by. Some of the most pronounced terror acts in Kenya include the Garissa attack, Westgate Mall and the murderous frenzy in Mandera and Lamu. Al Shabab mainly target Christians working in North Eastern.

Police Officers Unwarranted Lethal Force

Police brutality is not a new topic of discussion. Worrying Figures released by the Nation Newsplex database showed that police had shot dead 122 people in the first eight months of 2016. According to the report, the number of victims could be much higher given that not all the cases are reported. Police have been accused of planting guns on their victims to justify their actions.

Road accidents

Reckless drivers who flout traffic rules with abandon coupled with corrupt traffic police officer is the perfect ingredient of the many accidents witnessed on our Kenyan roads. The number of victims in the first quarter of 2016 was 3,932 according to statistics released by the National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA). Pedestrians accounted for 326 deaths, passengers 176 and 139 motorcyclists.

Pneumonia, Malaria and Cancer

Pneumonia is Kenyas number one killer disease followed by malaria and the emerging cancer related deaths. 22,473 Kenyans died from pneumonia, dislodging malaria as the number one killer disease. Deaths associated with cancer are steadily rising as a result of Kenyas crumbling health sector. The number of people who died from cancer was 15,714 last year. These are the top three diseases that are bound to send you to your early grave.

Robbers & Gangs

Deaths associated with armed robbers and marauding gangs is on the increase thanks to police laxity. Some of the ruthless gangs in Kenya include the Taliban, Superpower and Gaza. Police take forever to respond to emergency situations leaving civilians on their own devices.

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