Thursday, October 13, 2016

These Are The Shocking Misconceptions About Kikuyu Women That Put Off Men From Other Tribes From Marrying Them

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Two things that you cannot take away from Kikuyu women is their zeal for their children and business. Ladies from the larger Mt Kenya region will not sit pretty and wait for their husbands to bring the beacon home. They hustle hard. They will sell tomatoes by the roadside. They will Sell scrap metals. They will virtually engage in any activity-both legal and otherwise-to fend for their children.

We take a look at the misconception associated with these ‘brown skins’.

They are ‘Watery’

It has been said that Kikuyu women are watery down there. This has been attributed to their diet that mainly consists of cabbage, carrots and potatoes. Those we have had carnal knowledge of Kikuyu women claim that the experience is not memorable as they release a lot of water. Cabbage is 93 percent water and is classified among the high water content vegetables. This is a fallacy given that they are married by men from other tribes.

Sex is a money making tool

Kikuyu women don’t get pregnant by chance. It is well pre-planned to milk some rich guy his wealth. Most property cases that play out on our courts involve a divorced Kikuyu woman vs a wealthy victim. When having dry s3x with a Kikuyu woman you must be ready for the repercussion in case you impregnate her. This argument does not hold water given that a big percentage of ladies from central Kenya are well versed with the law.

Husband Killers

Men from other regions, save for Central Kenya, are always warned from even imagining marrying a Kikuyu lady. This has been attributed to women from the region killing their better halves for purposes of inheriting their wealth. Parents will give grim statistics of the high number of widows compared to widowers. This narrative has caused more harm to intermarriages between Kikuyu women and men from other tribes.

Leave With Children incase of a disagreement

In Kikuyu culture children belong to the mother. This is not the case with other ethnic groups in Kenya where children ‘belong’ to the father. It’s not uncommon for a Kikuyu man to have the mother’s surname such as Wairimu, Njoki, Wanjira etc. This is a no-no for other tribes in Kenya where a boy is customarily expected to take the father’s surname. That said, once a marriage goes south you will be left alone as your ex-wife will leave with the children.

Have Flat Ass3s

A good number of Kikuyu women are not well endowed. This, however, is not to say that entire Kikuyu womenfolk are flat. Martha Karua, for example, has a fine behind. The examples are numerous.

Stereotypes abound in a country where tribal divisions is the norm. Kenyans have been fed over the years to believe people from certain ethnic groupings are inferior. This notion is being eroded by the intermarriages that we are witnessing.

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