Sunday, October 9, 2016

This Lady From Central Has Vowed To Circumcise All Luo Men With A Lawn Mower

Grace Murewa has called for the forceful circumcision of members of the Luo community

A lady going by the Grace Murewa has vowed to use a land mower, referring to a lawn mower, to circumcise members of the Luo community.

According to one of her many tasteless post on her facebook page, Grace condemned police for not arresting ‘all uncircumcised hooligans’ and goes on to say ‘I volunteer to use a land mower to remove their foreskin one after the other’.

Grace venom does not end there as she calls for the annihilation of the Luo community from the face of Kenya. Her post reads in part: ‘Jalous are a threat to Kenya peace and stability and I think it’s high time Kenya goes the Rwanda way’.

Her sentiments have caused a furor online with a section of Kenyans calling for her immediate arrest and prosecution.

On her facebook profile, Grace dons the now folded TNA party cap and T-shirt. She purports to have been a student of Alliance Girls High schools before joining the University of Nairobi.

Here are her posts:

Some of these posts are disturbing

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