Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Wanja and Andrew Swearman

Wanja has kept her distance from Andrew

This, in all fairness, was not a marriage that was meant to last. Janet Wanja is one of Kenyan most celebrated volleyball players who was looking to settle down with a ‘sane man’. She was financially stable when she met Andrew Swearman- a Briton whose character has come under sharp criticism. Their wedding was a low-key affair attended by close family members. Allegations started trickling in that Andrew had a chequered past fraught with acts of violence. Wanja, who had been in a previous abuse relationship, acted fast and dumped the Briton. Andrew-who is still legally married to Wanja-was recently spotted in a Mombasa night club exchanging saliva with a lady of questionable character. Question is: What did a beautiful, talented and loved Wanja see in Andrew?

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Anonymous said...

This is the most truthful and on point articles that has been written about this recent report surrounding the British estranged husband of the beautiful and talented Janet Wanja. Credit to the author for seeing the bigger picture and that this is not an isolated case. Maybe she saw something good in someone bad but it seems sadly to be the case that the bad outweighed the good. Other writers need to stop focusing on Wanja and have some empathy for what her and her family must be enduring. The hateful and hurtful comments on the internet about Wanja are WRONG. She should not be being punished for the actions of this foolish man. Everyone knew she was too good for him and Mr. Swearman has proved everything previously written about him and that he does not deserve a LADY such as Wanja. Mr. Swearman has previously been reported as asking the media to give them privacy...are these recent actions those of a private man or those of an imbecile who is trying to get his 5 minutes of fame off the back of a talented and beautiful Kenyan lady and sportswoman who should be celebrated for her success. #theinformerke #AndrewSwearman #foolish man #theinformertellsthetruth